Hello there. My name is Oda Sonju, I'm a uk based artist and illustrator. Below you'll find examples of my latest work as well as little things in life that inspire me. Enjoy! And if you have any questions, or if you like what you see and would like to commission me for any creative purpose at all, don't hesitate to email me at:


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Monday, 30 June 2014


Got a bit bored today so painted a selfie :)

I found a brush set I really really like, created by illustrator Matt Heath. Download for free here!

I think I should try and do one of these quick sort of paintings once a day (not necessarily a selfie) ...it's really good practise! 

Happy Monday people 


A couple of years ago I did a little project to raise money for WWF, where I supported their campaign to save wild tigers from extinction by drawing a tiger every day for a month and encouraging my friends to do the same. It was a really fun thing to do and it got quite a nice response, and I still keep adding little tiger-inspired pics to the collection now and again.

After recently working on a How To Draw Manga book for Arcturus, I used some of the characters I'd drawn, changed them a bit and added tigery colours to them.