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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Mandy completed!

Blimey, it's been a while! The few Mandy The Monster Hunter pages I was comissioned to do were actually completed a little while ago, so it's time to upload them. As I've been doing this on the side of studio work, they've taken a little while and I still wish I could spend longer on them. But ah well, here they are as they were handed over :) Enjoy x


Thursday 5 February 2015


Here are a few teasers of what I've been working on with Hellbound Media for their comic Mandy the Monster Hunter. Can't wait to get it all finished it up - I will post the results when it is ;) 

Thanks to Hellbound Media for a really fun project x

Wednesday 30 July 2014

More Tea Drinking Monsters!

I had a couple of creature sketches and didn't quite know what to do with them...

Everybody loves tea, right? 


Tuesday 29 July 2014

Jungle Book

I recently did this cover for Oxford University Press's new release of Children's Book Classics!
I was very honoured to be chosen to illustrate The Jungle Book, as it was one of my favourites as a small child!

They wanted the cover to feature the tiger Sherkhan (no complaints here, we all know how I love a good tiger!!) with a very graphic approach, so I created the illustration below, with lots of boldness and a smattering of texture...which luckily they were very happy with! 

Thanks to Dynamo for sending this project my way :)

You can buy the book on Amazon for a cool £3.99!

Inside you'll also find an interview in which I sound VERY dorky...and I also feel the urgent need to just emphasise how Frozen is no longer my favourite film! I overdosed on Frozen! It needs to be locked away in a dark cupboard until such a time when I no longer spontaneously burst into theatrical song whenever I hear the sentence 'Do you want to build a snowman?'

Frog the Barbarian!

Yay, the next Legend of Frog book is out! 

Ps: Guy Bass is a legend :)

Get yours from online or most high-street bookshops!

It's super crazy and funny and silly and full of wonderful critters like Kroakans and Bragons!



Every time I do a comic convention, I add to this picture! It started out as just a face, then the chameleon and then swirls of hair. It will expand and become an epic piece year by year!

Tea Monsters

The Cardiff Comic Expo in March came along more quickly than I had anticipated...so in order to create some fun new artwork snappish, I came up with the idea of selling individually wrapped Organic tea bags accompanied with little collector cards (I was a huge fan of Pokemon cards when I was a little girl)

... And so the Tea Monsters were born!

Each card shows the 'personality' of the tea, and I'm happy to say that the little things were a big success! Below is the range as it stands:

Green Tea





Lemon + Ginger

It made me really want to start up my own little Monster Tea company, and got super excited about eco-packaging and creating really funky flavours! 
However, I couldn't possibly compete with the incredible Giants of Tea such as Pukka and Tea Pigs...not at the moment anyhow! 

So for now Tea Monsters shall remain a sweet little concept until I can think of exactly what to do with them :)