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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Time Hunters

I've been working on a series called Time Hunters recently, through the amazing illustration studio Dynamo Limited!
I just discovered that they are now on the shelves in WHSmith! So go grab a copy! Literally the best humour ever, and very informative, written by the brilliant Chris Blake! I adore the main characters Tom and Isis, who I concepted before christmas and have been drawing ever since! I have also totally fallen in love with the cat Cleo, to the point where I might just get him tattooed somewhere on my body after the series is finished! Awww his little face!! He's just an epic feline creature and I'm so glad he appeared out of my imaginings haha! He will shortly have a post entirely dedicated to him...

The story goes that Isis, a young and recently deceased princess from ancient egypt, hides one of 6 amulets she's meant to be handing over to Anubis, the god of the afterlife...because it's pretty, of course!  So as punishment the very angry Anubis hides the amulets throughout history and tells Isis that she will only get into the afterlife if they are returned to him, and then he locks her up in a sarcophagus. Thousands of years later, Tom accidentally knocks this sarcophagus over whilst hanging around in his dad's museum one evening. Out comes Isis and her pet cat Cleo, and she asks Tom if he can help them find the amulets. He agrees and they get whisked off by the Winds of Time to their first adventure in Ancient Rome...

Below is the process of how the cover for the first book came to be. It has been such a learning curve and I feel really honoured to have had so much creative input and freedom with the illustrations for both the covers and the insides!

Go grab a copy! The first four books are out now!


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