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Friday, 27 May 2011


A while since I posted last! It's really been a hectic past few weeks! I've been to New York with the University for a week to show my portfolio around. We had to make appointments in advance, phoning around to ask if anyone would care to see us and give us feedback on our portfolios. I had a few great appointments with Debut Art agency, Studio NYC, Hush and Nickelodeon. They all gave great constructive feedback! Before I left, I very much felt like my portfolio was a little bit all over the place because I have so many different styles, but I've returned with a feeling of confidence in my ability as an artist and I now know what to focus on! I love drawing characters and designing for animation, because it's so much fun! Since the trip to the Big Granny Smith I've figured that's a path that I want to venture down! I love it when things come to life! So watch this space - I might soon have things dancing all over the shop! ....we'll see.

Since coming back I've just been trying to finish things up before the final final FINAL EVER deadline! STRESS! But things are looking up! I got my hard drive back today AND i finished my website - it's now LIVE!

Check it out:                                      

 www.odasonjuillustration.com !!

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